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Manhole Rehabilitation

National Gunite is experienced in repairing all shapes and sizes of deteriorating brick, corrugated metal pipe and concrete manholes. Our industry specialists first look to fully understand the condition of your deteriorating manholes, and then will recommend the best repair to solve your problem.

Prevent Infiltration & Collapsing Bricks with the right repair
  • Manhole Rehab Solutions Without Limits
    Due to the limitations of their equipment, most manhole rehabilitation companies can work a maximum distance of about 200 feet away from the street. National Gunite’s specialized equipment gives us the ability to work virtually anywhere.
  • Multiple Repair Solutions
    In addition to using gunite, we are certified applicators of the following other repair systems if an alternative is indicated:
    – Parsons Environmental Products
    – Strong-Seal MS-2 Systems

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Before & After - manhole Projects
Manhole BeforeManhole After
Manhole Before 1Manhole After 1
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